What We Do




Inventing by affiliated  inventors. Inventions include machines, products, systems, techniques, methods, uses, designs, business methods, financial instruments, solutions, etc., created by:


- envisioning unsolved problems or unfilled needs

- applying creativity, intuition, meditation and multiple expertise to find solutions

- deploying novel techniques perfected in house to conceive and improve inventions

- graduating by incremental, lab based, derivative, evolutionary inventing



Service Offerings to selected clients, including:


- custom inventing

- contract R&D

- innovation & think tank functions

- management of client’s R&D subsidiary or department

- conceiving  efficiency boosting techniques 



Development of some of our Inventions, in-house or via contractors, entailing:


- technical and theoretical feasibility studies 

- virtual & / physical prototyping

- testing and other experimental development steps  



Commercializing endeavors, such as: 


- licensing out, pursued for all our IP

- joint ventures with strategic alliances, where possible

- development, production, e-tailing and wholesale (in rare cases)

- monetizing by private placements, securitizing, IPO, etc.




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